Sunday, March 20, 2016


Hey,                                                             March 14th,2016

So some things have happened since my last letter. I am with Elder Founa again. President pulled him from the area he was serving in to be my new-old companion. It's fun being with someone that you have already served with.

The area we are in as actually quite massive. It covers a huge chunk of the townships is the Nelson Mandela metro. From Zwide to New Brighton. The our unit is a branch that recently split with the Kwamagxaki ward. We met at an old school on Sundays. The branch is actually very well run. There are a lot of RMs in positions of leadership so things get done. 

I can tell that previous missionaries built a strong foundation here. The people they baptized are solid! The best that we can do is continue the work that they started. We have spent a significant amount of time trying to find all the people that the previous elders were teaching.

We live in a town called Despatch with some elders. The place that we live in is not a flat. It is more like a house. A very old house with a 19th century smell. It has really grown on me though. I like how spacious it is. We have lots of breathing room. It is nice to be back in the big city. There is lots of fun activities for us to do on P-days. 

We had zone conference recently. We finally watched the worldwide missionary broadcast. I can tell that zone conferences are inspired since it is always something that I need to hear at that specific time.I got to see the Kjar's again. They are now serving in Port Alfred and came to PE for the conference. I must admit I got a bit emotional sitting in-between the Kjar's and Elder Dangerfield. I have tremendous love and respect for them. It was easily the highlight of my week.

This week has gone well in terms of work. We've received a good number of referrals from members. The members here are really outgoing and have a strong drive to help us in our work. We've had some nice days.. We contacted some really cool people. There was this one guy who lived in a place called New Brighton, We didn't know where his house was. We only had his name and the area where he lived. So we parked our car and walked around the area and asked around until we tracked him down. We eventually found him. It was a lot of fun walking around though. It gave us an opportunity to talk to a lot of people.

So everything is going well on this side of the world. Of course I have my share of good days and bad days. But something that I have learned is that we grow the most in our trials and we grow the least when things are easy and comfortable. I am eternally grateful for the experiences that I have had. I am confident that they will carry me for the rest of my life.

Elder Sean Patrick Herrick