Monday, November 2, 2015


Hey,                                                                                              Nov.2,2015
A very busy week here in the Queenstown area. The elders from Mntata drove over for Zone training. So they came on Monday and spent P-day with us. We ate at this middle eastern restaurant and afterwords had a ultimate Frisbee contest.
So funny story. There is always a good number of homeless people in most South African cities. We were sitting down at this restaurant and eating some spicy chicken when two of them ran in and stole the bones off my plate. The owner of the restaurant yelled and chased after them. It was a very funny scene.
We had an ultimate Frisbee game which was good fun. We spent all of Tuesday at zone training and interviews. My interview with president went well. He confirmed that I am going to be training a new elder next transfer. So that is exciting.

The work in Ilinge is going well. We have a sizable teaching pool so we are never bored and there is always someone to see. We have two baptisms scheduled for this next Sunday. One is this fifteen year old boy named Locke and the other is this 19 year old girl named Nonkosi.
Ilinge is a nice area. We don't have do to any finding. People just bring their friends and relatives for us to teach.

We went on exchanges Sat. I went with Elder Hoffman from Utah in a area called Mlungisi. It is the big township in Queenstown. It is a densely packed place. Most of our appts dropped so we did some tracting. Loads of drunk people. It was hysterical.

So last Friday marked a year since I put on the name tag and entered the MTC. So I wanted to celebrate. All the missionaries in Queenstown showed up to our flat and we ordered pizza and I burned one of my white shirts to commemorate one year missionary service. It was a lot of fun.
So lots of exciting things going on. I am so gratfull for the what this last year on mission has taught me and I am excited for the adventures that await me in this my final year.
Elder Sean Patrick Herrick


Hey!                                                                                                  Oct. 19th,2015

It has been a week of adjustment for me as I try to learn my new area and remember all the names and faces of people that we are teaching. I must admit it has been difficult thus far. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon. This is a great area though. It has a lot of potential for growth as well. The bishop of the ward is great. He is very willing to work with us. 

The ward is nice as well. Though, it needs some older members. Most of the active members are Young men and women some of whom are barely older than children. I think that the reason for this is that it is a struggle to teach the older people and they are typically more conservative and have poor English skills. 

Elder Fonua is great. He is a very sincere teacher and his desires are golden! I know that we're going to do a great work together as we serve in our area.

Our area is a very dry and hot place. It honestly looks like Wyoming at times. Weird huh?

So I actually don't work in Queenstown. We do live in Queenstown with all the other elders in a very nice flat complex. We drive to our area every morning and come back in the evening. It is a 30 min drive from town so if you forget something at the flat your're out of luck.

We live in a four man boarding with the Sada elders.There area is also a distance from Queenstown so we both have to make a drive everyday. There is a huge ward in Queenstown that is about to split into two. There is a ward in Sada and also a ward in our area.

Spiritual highlight this last week has easily a lesson that we taught to some recently baptized young men. They will soon be reaching missionary age. We take them fellowshiping a lot but we felt inspired to sit down and teach them a lesson. It was powerful! we talked about the potential that they had and how much good they good do for their lives if they served a mission. We felt the spirit so strong!
So yeah things are going great!


Hey,                                                                                                          October 12th,2015

So a lot has happened! I am being transferred. I received a phone call Saturday night that I'm being moved to a place called Ilinge. It is about 35 mins outside of Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. It is also in the Xhosa heartland and probably the most rural place in the whole mission. 

It's 100% pure Xhosa. So it is almost like I'm getting transferred to another country. My companion is going to be Elder Founa from Utah.

I am leaving Wednesday morning by plane to East London. Than we will drive three hours north to Queenstown where I will live.

I said most of my goodbyes yesterday. It was awesome to see how many people's lives were touched by the gospel and the positive influence that we had one them.

I am sort of sad to leave this area though. I have many great memories of this place and built strong relationships with many of the people that I have come into contact with. 

Yes this was a difficult area. But at the same time, a very rewarding experience. We baptized three wonderful people who have tremendous potential. We taught countless others and I am sure that the seeds that we planted will be harvested by future missionaries. Cape Town has become almost a second home for me.

My last couple of P-days in this area have been fun. We went to Kirstenbosch gardens and then hiked a portion of Table Mountain and. It was hecka fun! It is always good to be among my fellow missionaries. They are like brothers to me. We also went to Cape Towns chinatown. All the merchants there are Chinese and they sell some very interesting goods.

In a few weeks, I will hit my year mark on mission. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I'm planning on doing something cool for the day I turn one year.

Over the course of my mission, I have learned how of a good influence we can be in other people's lives. It really isn't the big things that we do either. It is the small and constant things that we do over a period of time that have the biggest impact.

Elder Sean Patrick Herrick


Hozit!                                                                                                   Sept. 28, 2015

So a lot has happened over the course of the last few weeks. A good time in for our area and investigators. We had a baptism on Sunday. The person being baptized was  a member referral and a father of a family. Though he is the only member of his family that has gone to church his wife and son seem interested so we're working with them as well. His name is Anton from Zimbabwe.

Anton gave a very powerful testimony after it was finished. He said "Before I joined the church I was afraid of death, but now I stand here today and I don't fear death because of the knowledge that I've received and I know that I am part of the true church!" Powerful stuff right?

This week went well in lessons. We went and worked on the ward list with the High Priest group leader. Visited a lot of people who have been inactive for a long time. Some seem willing to meet with us in the future. I hope that they do. This ward is in need of a boost of enthusiasm.

I also got to confirm Christian and Astride as members yesterday. First time I've ever done that! So yeah the work is moving forward.

P-days have been kind of a bore recently. Not a whole lot going on right now. I hope next Monday is better.

The weather has been very pleasant, though I'm not accustomed to it getting warmer the closer we are to Christmas.

So yeah mission life marches on. We had zone conference recently. Very spiritual moment for me! President Merrill spoke and and said some very profound stuff! He talked about how we serve in areas during seasons of time and the time that we have is very short. So that is why it is so important to make the most of the time that we have. Food for thought!\

So yeah things are going well here for me and I'm continually striving to refine myself to learn something new every day!

Elder Sean Patrick Herrick