Thursday, February 25, 2016


Hello,                                                     Feb.22,2016

So yeah I've received my transfer news! I am going to Kwadwesi. It is one of the townships in P.E 

The great thing about my new area is that it is very small and we live with a lot of missionaries, my old friend Dangerfield being one of them. So P-days are going to be amazingly fun!

My last week in Ilinge has been uneventful with the exception of the fireside last evening. It went very well. My companion and I stood before the youth of the ward and talked for about 35 mins. About 25 people showed up for it. 

We wanted the fireside to be a question and answer format and not just us standing there and talking. We had a young man who is leaving for his mission speak and also a recently returned sister missionary.

The fireside was devoted to covering all aspects of serving a mission. We also had the bishop and his wife speak who are both returned missionaries. It went very well.

Leaving Ilinge is somewhat of a sad experience. It is a very close nit ward and I have gotten very close with any of the members especially the bishop and the youth.

I'll be honest when I say that leaving areas that you love doesn't get any easier with time. I am grateful for the season that I had to serve in this area and hope that the Lord accepts my service.

So how are the people that I associated with at home doing? It has been awhile since I've had an update on the status of my old church friends.

I hope that Elder Bowers has grown from our companionship and that he will remember these days in Ilinge as some of the best of his mission. We only serve for seasons of our lives and the time that we have is extremely short. We have to make the most of the time that is given to us. 

Well so much change has happened over the course of this last week it is almost unreal. First and foremost, I said a final goodbye to Queenstown last Tuesday morning. I am missing my Idaho son already. I then drove down to East London and spent the night. The next morning, I flew to Port Elizabeth to start this next stage of my mission.

I spent most of Wednesday morning near the harbor in P.E. I was able to spend some time with Elders I haven't seen in ages. There are a lot of military ships in the harbor. It seems that Zuma is in town.

So I am now in a tricompanionship with Elder Foster and Elder Dean both from Utah. We have to run two areas. Theirs which is Kwamagxaki ward and mine which is Zwide branch. I only spent one day in my area before my comp left so I know nothing about it and we are basically whitewashing it entirely. We have to share two areas which means a lot of running back in forth. That also means attending a different sacrament every other Sunday. So yeah this is a very difficult challenge. 

But as always, I know that the Lord will provide a way for us to figure this out and do the work that we were set apart to do.

Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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