Thursday, August 11, 2016


So this last week has been interesting. The baptism went well this Sunday. I enjoyed my birthday. I got a cheese cake from the senior couple.  So yeah it was nice. The weather has been mild.

I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday. I made a point of telling everyone it was my 21st birthday! I got a lot of laughs out of that one! I was grateful for the birthday wishes though.My comp made me a cool desert and some YSA made me supper. 

Yeah the work is going well and I'm going to give a training to all the greenies on Wednesday. I'll try to make it as fun and spiritual as possible.

The APs are flying this week for exchanges. I hope we'll have some amazing experiences.

We had elections last week. The ANC got creamed. 

So yeah 

Love ya,

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