Saturday, November 1, 2014

I made it!

Dear family,

So the last 30 or so hours have been possibly the most crazy in my entire life. It almost feels like a dream. It started it out with the flight out of Omaha on a small regional jet that was so small I couldn't stand up properly. Then after like an hour we landed in Chicago. I wasn't there very long. The flight from Chicago to London was on a huge plane that was packed with people. Mostly foreign people. I don't look back on that flight very kindly because I had ZERO leg room and I hardly slept at all. After what seemed like forever we landed in Heathrow airport which was like the size of Omaha. Except full of people talking in like hundred different languages and kind of confusing. After traveling by bus to my terminal. I went through another security check. And I saw a group of nicely dressed confused looking young men turns out they were the other missionaries. There were 10 of us total all from the U.S. We spent the 9 hour layover just hanging out in the terminal. After that we boarded a HUGE plane headed to South Africa. I honestly think that we were the only Americans on board the plane. Everyone else was European or South African. The flight was long and tedious. But, it was awesome when we landed in Joberg. The weather is warm and everyone talks so crazy different than us. I am glad that I got here safe though. I am looking forward to starting my training tonight. Anyways I will talk to you guys soon.
Elder Herrick

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