Monday, April 20, 2015


Hey,                                                                                                                                           April 20th,2015

Another week has come and gone here in George, South Africa. We had zone training in Port Elizabeth last week. We arrived Tuesday evening after a three hour drive. The next morning we had the training which consisted of a lesson by the zone leaders and then an interview with President Merrill. 

After the interview, President Merrill got up and gave a powerful talk in how we need to press on and do our very best to endure to the end. At the conclusion of the training, we were fed lunch.

The interview went very well. President Merrill is a very spiritual guy and it is easy to see that he cares deeply for every missionary serving in our mission. Overall, the zone training was a an uplifting experience which motivated me to try my best to reach my full potential as a missionary.

After that, we drove back to George. The next evening we had a meal with a super friendly Xhosa family in the branch. Our meal consisted of rice, lamb, pap,( It's kind of like corn meal) and some orange, mushy stuff that I can't name. But, it was all delicious.

Winter is fast approaching here. For the first time in a long time, I woke up feeling cold. It gets down to like 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night now. Though from what I hear, the winters here are nothing like the winters back home.

The branch here had two baptisms last Sunday. It was these two ladies that the senior couple the Kjars, were teaching. A big portion of the branch turned up to watch the baptisms. Which was awesome. 

Our teaching pool right now isn't the best. A lot of people have dropped our appointments which is never fun. So the work is still rather difficult.

Last P-day was fun though. We drove down to Mossel Bay and went to the mall there. After that, we visited the light house and some very old caves that were apparently first inhabited in the Stone Age.

Transfers are coming up soon and I am wondering whether I am going to stay in George or not. There is a only a small chance that I am going to get transferred I think.

Overall, it was a powerful week. I have a sincere desire to change, grow and become the person that I have always aspired to be.


Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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