Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hey,                                                                                                        April 27th,2015

So we got transfer news Saturday night. I am staying in George for another transfer. Which I am fine with because I really love this place and the people here. The work has been slow recently, but Elder Brown and I are determined to crank it up this next six weeks and make this place a boom town for missionary work.

Last P-day we didn't do anything incredibly exciting. Elder Brown was feeling ill so we just hung out the Kjar's flat and ate pizza for awhile. 

We had a fun service project on Saturday though. A member of the branch needed to have his mother in-laws roof power washed and stuff so he asked us if we could do it. 

We agreed and spent like four hours spraying and respraying the roof. It was kind of dirty work, by the end of the job, we were covered in all the paint and grime that we had power hosed from the roof. We were well rewarded for our efforts though. Afterwords, we had a nice braai with lamb chops and boerewors. 

The weather has been very mild recently. Our teaching pool is still small. It is rather difficult to find people who are actually serious about our message. But, we just need to stay patience and exercise some faith.

The Branch of the church here still has its unique struggles and challenges but we are working with the members and striving to strengthen their testimonies. 

Well that is about it. Not a whole lot to report on this week. It has been somewhat slow. But, I will make up for it by the pictures of George that I am sending.


Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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