Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Hello,                                                                                                        Sept.7,2015

Well a lot has happened over the past few weeks. Missionary work in our area is surging. We are actually going to have two baptisms on SundayWe have been teaching a Congolese part-member family who have really made some good strides forward in terms of conversion.

It consist of the Grandfather who is a member and the Grandmother and grandson who are investigators. So they have been attending church for the last couple of weeks and are progressing very well. Their names are Astrid and Christian.

There is a large amount of foreigners who live in our area and they are far more receptive to our message than the native population. Not one of our investigators are from South Africa. Most of our investigators are Zimbabwean. They seem to be naturally humble and are very excited when we share the gospel with them.

Our area still has many challenges. But we are working to overcome them. A lot of our work recently has been focused on working with the members. The going has been slow but we are making steps. 

A new transfer has begun! We drove up as a district to the mission home in Pinelands and I said farewell to Elder Rasmussen. I then waited for my new companion. He had to fly in from East London. Missionary work in the eastern cape is very different than missionary work here so I am hoping he adapts to the big city soon.

My new companion is Elder Mubaiwa from Zimbabwe. He has been a member of the church for a year and a half. He has a pretty interesting conversion story. He is the only member in his immediate family.

The weather is gradually getting warmer and warmer here. South African spring has arrived. You can practically smell it in the air. Winter is gone. Although it never felt like a proper winter in the first place.

We've had some pretty fun P-days recently. There is a large population of European expats in Cape Town. So we browsed some of the stores that had imported food from Europe. It made the danish missionary kind of trunky. I spent probably more money than I should have on loads of Swiss chocolate.

We've thoroughly explored a mall called Canal Walk which is the 3rd largest in the whole of Africa. It is very close to our area so we frequent it often.

We had a funny experience this week. I found some recently baptized Nigerian members in our records that seem to have gone completely inactive. They supposedly live in the small township on the edge of our area.

The record didn't give a precise address in where they lived. Since township addresses are useless anyway. The only detail that the record gave was that they owned a hair supplies shop in the middle of the township.

So we decided to look for them on foot. We spent a lot time wondering through the township asking various Nigerians if they knew them. It was kind of fun being the sole white guy in crowds of Africans trying to track someone down.

We eventually found out that they had moved to a huge township called Khayelitsha. I'm kind of let down that we didn't find them. But at the same time it was a cool story to tell.

Life continues and soon I will be reaching my year mark on mission. Time always keeps marching onward at a remarkable pace. I hope that my service will always make a difference in others and in myself.

Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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