Monday, September 14, 2015


Hey!                                                                                                    Sept.14,2015

The weather is getting progressively warmer everyday and the smell of the sea every morning is always pleasant.

We had two wonderful baptisms yesterday! It was a grandmother and her grandson both from the DRC. It felt good to get down into the font again. I haven't done so since the good ole days in Paarl. Very special experience when the Grandmother shared her testimony about how much this gospel has changed her. Our teaching pool is expanding. 

We have been receiving a lot of referrals. We also have another baptism date set for the 27th of this month. It is very likely to hold. We found a father led family through referrals and the father has come to church every single Sunday.

Things are going well with my new companion. I'm trying to help him be a little more outgoing. Sometimes, he can be a bit reserved around people and quite during lessons. He is a good teacher and has a great knowledge about the gospel. Especially for a recent convert of only a year and a half.

This week definitely had its adventures. On Friday, the U.S embassy in Cape Town received a threat from a local terrorist group and so we were warned not to wear anything that would indicate us as Americans. Crazy stuff!

A spiritual highlight for me this week would be a lesson on stewardship that I learned. A lady in a less active family approached me on Sunday very upset that we had not visited them in a while. I knew about them and their issues but I kept procrastinating seeing them due to what I thought were more important people with more important problems to resolve. I was wrong. 

This area is my under my stewardship and if I don't do my very best to work for the well being of everyone than I have let down my Father in Heaven. I guess you could say that this is a small turning point for me, to be a better missionary and to be a wise steward.

Overall, it has been a good week. Full of great lessons learned and experiences that will change me for the better.

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