Friday, March 20, 2015


                                                                                                                                 March 9th 2015


So we had zone conference in Port Elizabeth last week. It was a very long drive from George to Port Elizabeth. But, it was also a beautiful drive. There is a lot of scenic stuff on the way there. The drive is by the sea. We arrived in PE in the evening. We spent like an hour just driving around the city and just exploring the area. After that, we met up with the zone leaders at their flat and our whole zone gathered for a zone finding activity. It was pretty cool to see all the other missionaries.

The finding activity was pretty fun. We spent some time tracting in a very prosperous area. But, we were actually quite successful in talking to people. We spent the night with some of the missionaries at their flat and we had a pretty good time. We bought some South African KFC talked for awhile.

The next morning was zone conference. Our mission president, President Merrill gave a really power training on how to be better teachers as missionaries. We then were fed with some really good lunch from a South African fast food place known as Wimpy's.

After the conference, we said farewell to everyone in Port Elizabeth and started the long journey back to George. We have been teaching a lot more people recently. Some of them have set really powerful examples to me of detected people. 

This one guy walked all the way from his home in another town to our branch in George. He did this because he felt that his life was empty and he was looking for the true church. My faith has been definitely strengthened by the example of this man. My testimony of the this restored gospel has also been increased by the examples of others. I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve the Lord for two years.


Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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