Friday, March 20, 2015



We have been doing a lot of finding these week. We talked to some pretty cool people. It will take some time to gauge how interested they are. There was this guy who insisted that we teach him a lesson at McDonald's. It was definitely a new experience. 

We have devoted a lot of our time working in the Xhosa township here. The people are a lot more open to our message there. We met this older guy who believes in ancestor worship so he prays to his ancestors when he is in trouble. Xhosa people have some really unique traditional beliefs.

There a lot of places here to eat sea food. So I have spent the last week sampling some places. The fish here taste much better than the ones back home. Probably because they come from the sea and not the river. I can honestly say that my diet has changed since when I first arrived.

There are some really cool game parks in the area that I would like to visit some time. There is a place where someone can race ostriches. There is also a interesting cave complex in the mountains that I want to see in the near future.

Missionary work has been very dry here recently. But I know that there is a lesson to be learned through all of the adversity that we may face in life. I am so grateful for the all the trials that I have gone through. I know that as work through them, we can grow as people. I have testimony of the work that I am doing and I know that it is true.


Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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