Friday, March 20, 2015


                                                                                                                     March 16th, 2015


So the weather is getting progressively cooler here and it is raining almost every other day. So I think that Summer here is drawing to a close. 

Transfers are this week and on Saturday the Zone Leaders called us and said that Elder Moliki is going to be transferred to Fish Hoek in Cape Town and my new companion is Elder Brown who is in my transfer. We know each other from the MTC.

Something scary happened in one of the townships that we work in. Apparently, a young man fell out of favor with the gang that he was part of so about 30 of them stabbed him to death in the middle of the street. We heard about it from one of the people that we see and we were warned not to go into that area. So I think that we will definitely steer clear of it.

On the bright side, We have been teaching some truly amazing people. Last week, I mentioned a guy who walked a very long distance to our church because he felt it was the true church. His name is Ernest. He is really humble and wants to seek to find a church that will strengthen his family.

On Friday, George held an international food festival which featured food from U.S Germany U.K S.A Japan etc. Some of the food there looked good. I went to the America booth and I wasn't surprised when they were serving hamburgers and brownies. Stereotypes never die.

It is true that serving a mission is difficult. But, it is so worth it. I know that I go through these trials for a reason. There is always a lesson to be learned. My faith grows each time. 

I am really looking forward to continuing on as I learn more and grow as a person. Every day.


Elder Sean Patrick Herrick 

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