Monday, February 23, 2015


                                                                                                                             Feb.23rd, 2015
Hey Everyone,

Last Monday drove to Knysna to check things out there. It is a incredibly scenic place. There is a huge cove there where the Indian Ocean meets the coast. So we went down to see it for ourselves and take some pictures. It was incredible! Driving down the N2 along the coast is always rewarding because we get to see such breathtaking nature. I can see why they call it the Garden Route.

The work here has been slow. On Tuesday night the zone leaders came down for exchanges with us. They are both pretty chill guys. We spent the whole day finding. We talked to a few cool people so I hope that we can start teaching someone. It rains a lot here so all the plants and trees are very green. The mountains are constantly shrouded in clouds.

The weather has been cooler lately it got down to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. So everyone was complaining on how cold it was. The branch here is small but it has some really cool members. Elder Moliki and I ate a ton of fast food last week because we were to lazy to cook. We have been to Nandos so much that the employees there recognize us.

The senior couple assigned here. The Kjars have been really good to us. They feed us every Sunday night and sometimes during the week. They are super chilled and funny to talk to. It can be discouraging when we spend most of the day finding people and they aren't interested and push us away. But I know that if we push forward and continue to do our very best. Miracles will happen.


Elder Sean Herrick                         Pictures of the Indian Ocean at Knysna

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Sea cave that we came across.
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