Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hey everyone,                                                                                                Jan.26th 2015
So we had zone conference last Friday and I had an interview with President Merrill. He such a awesome guy! The only downside is that he told me that there is a big chance that my entire district may be whitewashed. Transfers are next wednesday which means that I may leave Paarl very soon. That would be kind of sad because there are some really awesome people here. 

There is a very real chance that we will have three baptisms this Sunday. The first two are this couple from Ghana. Their names are Chris and Naomi. They are incredibly warm and open people and take the things that we teach very seriously. The immigrated to SA from Ghana two years ago. They run a sort of hair salon in a township. 

The other person being baptized is this young lady named Tania. She lives in a very scary part of our area that the locals call Chicago. She has been taught by the missionaries for a long time. But she has finally been able to make the commitment to get baptized. Which is amazing because we are completing the work for the other missionaries that came before us. 

Last P-day we went into Cape Town and played some soccer with the other Elders. Soccer is a hugely popular sport outside the United Sates. And I am not very good at it. So, in order to avoid further embarrassment. I am diligently working to improve my soccer skills. 

I am sorry that this letter is sort of short. Nothing incredibly exciting has happened this last week. So I hope that I can write about more interesting stuff next week.


Elder Sean Herrick

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