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 January 19th 2015

So another awesome week has flown by! Last Monday we went into Cape Town and met up with some of the other Elders. We drove into downtown Cape Town and went to the Eastern food Bazaar. It is such a cool place!  South Africa has a large population of Indian/Persian people so it was like stepping into different part of the world. They had middle eastern music blasting and people from all over were shouting for food and stuff. There was some REALLY foreign food for sale there. But, I just settled for some chicken curry.

After that, we went to place called green market square. It is basically a massive market where people from all over Africa have set up little shops to sell stuff that you couldn't get anywhere else. Stuff like lion/crocodile hides, traditional Zulu weapons, and so much more! The flip side of the coin is that it is also a very dangerous and if you aren't smart you may lose all your money. It is very crowded and people will steal your wallet and try to rip you off. You have to barter for everything that you want to buy. For example, I bought a huge South African flag. The guy wanted 300 rand for it. I told him heck no and I negotiated the price down to 100 rand. I felt really superior when I saw a bunch of dumb tourists get completely conned on stuff that they bought. I am really starting to fall in love with Cape Town though. It is such an amazing city!

The weather is still ridiculously hot here in Paarl. I have to bring a huge jug of water with me everywhere I go so that I can stay hydrated. We have been teaching a few new people and are earnestly striving to find some more to teach. I know that as we continue to love and serve these people that we will be successful.


Elder Sean Herrick

Cape Town Ocean front
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Baptism- Elder Sean Herrick, Robert Arendse, Elder Dangerfield

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  1. I am looking for missionary mom to Elder Sean Herrick, serving in Cape Town!!!! My son has been in SACTM for 3+ months now!!! I want to invite her to our Facebook page!! Message me if you have/need info.