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Hey,                                                                                         May 4th,2015

Well next Sunday is mother's day. Which means I am allowed to Skype my family! I am really looking forward to it. Well this last week went by very quickly. 

The weather this week has been pretty mild. Not very hot and not very cold.

Last Monday Elder Brown and I drove up to Oudtshoorn just to explore and check things out. It is a very popular tourist destination. Mainly because of the many game reserves in the area. Activities include, tours through caves, crocodile cage diving and game drives. 

The drive there was very nice as we drove through the Outeniqua mountains. Oudtshoorn is a lot hotter and drier than George and so the landscape is very different. Oudtshoorn also boasts the world largest ostrich population so during the drive there, we saw large numbers of ostriches. 

Last Saturday, some very wealthy members of the branch invited us and the senior couples to visit this massive farm that they own near Misgund Eastern Cape. It was a long drive but it was worth it. Why? Because the farm is gorgeous!  People often rent the farm for weddings and functions so everything there is very nice and scenic. 

We walked around and took a lot of pictures. After we walked around, we were fed a delicious South Africa meal. Overall, it was a cool experience.

We devoted a lot of our missionary work last week to visiting members and trying to uplift and encourage them. 

We are really struggling when it comes to finding solid investigators at the moment, we really don't have any.We have had investigators. Many of them have dropped us though. It is frustrating at times because we have worked so very hard to find people and yet we aren't getting the results that we want.

However, these things take time. I won't allow it to discourage me doing my very best.I know that we mostly planting seeds in peoples hearts and minds. And one day, those seeds will grow and be harvested by future missionaries.

Although the work is tough, I am still grateful for the lessons learned. Even when times are hard.


Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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