Sunday, May 31, 2015


Hey,                                                                                                               May 20, 2015

Well this last week has been pretty busy. We have been working very hard to increase our teaching pool. Two weeks ago, a member of the seventy came to our zone conference and he gave a really powerful talk. It has motivated Elder Brown and I a lot. So we made a covenant that to always be diligent and to not get discouraged when times are hard.

We have been praying and fasting as a companionship for the branch here in George. For less actives to return to church and that we can find some people that can help strengthen the church here. 

So we did some finding last week and we've had some success.  We found a really wonderful family that lives in town. We had a super powerful lesson with them.
This last Sunday was branch conference. Our mission president,  President Merrill spoke,  it was truly amazing. He radiated with the spirit when he was talking.  I know that the message that he gave was inspired. 

The weather here continues to be very mild.  A South African winter is approaching soon. Which means the nights are getting a bit chilly. So last Monday was a real blast. We went up to Oudsthoorn to tour this very famous cave system called Cango Caves. It is a very popular tourist destination. We were led by a guide through the cave system. There were some parts of the caves that had stone age drawings on the walls that were made by bushmen long ago.

The tour was pretty awesome and we had a fun time. After we visted the caves, we went to tour an ostrich farm. We got to see and handle ostrich eggs and see how ostrich leather was made. We then walked around the farm and got to handle the ostriches. And finally,  I got to ride on of them. The pictures are priceless. 

So overall it was a good week. We stayed busy and taught some very powerful lessons.  Transfers are coming up soon and there is a big chance that I am going to be transferred somewhere else.  Which is going to be very difficult because I have been here for nearly four months now and I have really grown to love the people here and I have made some good friends in George.  

Serving a mission goes by very fast and right when you really start loving an area you get transferred to another area. However, I am so grateful to be here and for work that I've done. 


Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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