Thursday, May 14, 2015



Hey,                                                                                                May 11,2015

So It has been a pretty awesome last week.On Thursday we drove down to Port Elizabeth for a zone conference. The next morning we had a meeting with  Elder David Evans of the first quorum of the seventy.

He spoke to us about what we need to do as missionaries to build up the church here in South Africa. He laid out goals for us to meet and then took questions from missionaries about how we could implement these goals.

We were then addressed by President Merrill. He was just as powerful and spiritual as always. Following the meeting, we drove the long road back to George.

I have to admit that the zone conference had a real impact on Elder Brown and I. We have decided that we need to be more diligent and powerful missionaries. Which means we are going to hit the pavement this week and do a lot of finding. 

Our teaching pool as actually gotten better this last week. We have had several people referred to us by people and members so it has really gotten better and hopefully we will be a lot busier.

Sunday was mothers day which meant that we could Skype our families. Which was awesome. It was so wonderful to talk to my family and to see their faces and feel their love. Answering their questions about SA was a real blast. 

After talking with them, it felt like I was jolted back in to reality. 

The weather here continues to be fair and mild. Though it rains a lot more frequently now.

Attendance at sacrament meeting has gotten better steadily over the course of time. We have been trying very hard to work with less actives and help them have the desire to return to the fold.

The members of the branch are really starting to trust us now. It has taken awhile but they are really starting to lean on us and value our advice and council.

We have been working with the branch president often. We meet with him once a week at his house to discuss ways we can help out the members here.

The work is moving forward. Slowly but surely. 


Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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