Monday, July 6, 2015


Hey everyone,                                                                        June 8,2015

My most sincere apologies for failing to write last week. My Mondays have been a bit hectic recently. 

Well I got my transfer news. I am going to serve in Cape Town in the Tableview area. My new companion is Elder Gurney from Utah U.S. Like Elder Brown he is in the same transfer as I am. But, he came from the Provo MTC instead of the Joberg MTC. So I haven't met him yet. I leave for Cape Town by plane on Wednesday

It is going to be a big change of pace for me. Cape Town is crawling with missionaries while there are only two who serve in George. Tableview is attached to the Milnerton ward which has a total of six missionaries serving in it.

It looks like my time spent serving in George is over. I have served here for four and a half months. Looking back, when I first got I didn't think I would enjoy my assignment here. George is one of the hardest areas to serve in the whole mission. I didn't think I could handle it.

But now, I can honestly say that it has been probably one of the biggest growing experiences for me in my entire life. The memories of this place will be forever burned into my mind. I love this place and the people who I have grown close to. 

Although statistically speaking I didn't have very much success, I know that I planted seeds and helped strengthen the Lord's church here.

My last few days here have been somewhat emotional. I have always been terrible at goodbyes. 
There is so many people who I am going to miss. I want to return and visit some time in the future. I don't know when that will be though.

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. I got up and bore my final testimony to the members of the George branch. I hope it was powerful.

Today is my final P-day here and I am planning on making the most of it. The YSA in the branch are going to have a final send off braii for me this evening and Elder Brown and I are planning to eat somewhere cool for my last supper here.

I have now been out on mission for seven and a half months. Time keeps moving forward. It only feels like yesterday when I first stepped off that plane in Johannesburg.

Times like this make me reflect on how far I have come and how farther I want to go to reach that potential that I know that I have. 

I know that this church is true. There hasn't been a time in whole life where I didn't know it was true. I know that if stay true to the covenants that I've made and never stray from them that I will achieve eternal happiness. 


Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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