Monday, July 6, 2015


Hey,                                                                                                         July 6,2015

This last week has been what you would call an average week serving a mission. Full of highs and lows. 

This last P-day we went to down to the water front mall to explore and check things out. The water front mall is vast and sells brands of clothing from just about everywhere in the world. It also includes a harbor with some cool ships that someone can pay to ride.

On Tuesday we spent a healthy portion of the day doing some street contacting. It was a mixed bag of success. Finding in our area can be a challenge at times so we are trying to get the ward behind on us in boosting member missionary work.

We've had some good results and members are starting to give us referrals. We also had exchanges this week. So on Tuesday night I went over to the Milnerton elder's flat and stayed the night. The next day I went out and worked in their area with our district leader. He is from Chile and very proud of the fact that he is Latin American. 

Their area extends into the more urban part of Cape Town so it was kind of refreshing to work in that kind of environment versus the suburbs. 

We taught some very spiritual lessons this week and some less spiritual ones. We taught this one guy you just wanted to argue and debate with us the whole time and he got very angry when I told him that we weren't there for a debate and that he should just try listen.

The fourth of July was on Saturday so we celebrated by having a braai with some of the members of the ward who live in our area. We also went to an American themed diner and I bought some pork ribs. It was so nice.

I have come to learn that the key to be successful missionary and a successful person is consistency. We have to learn to stay consistent in the face of the discouragement, long days, and all kinds of  adversity.

I am always grateful for the small lessons that I learn every day I am trying be always a better man each day.

Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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