Monday, November 2, 2015


Hey!                                                                                                  Oct. 19th,2015

It has been a week of adjustment for me as I try to learn my new area and remember all the names and faces of people that we are teaching. I must admit it has been difficult thus far. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon. This is a great area though. It has a lot of potential for growth as well. The bishop of the ward is great. He is very willing to work with us. 

The ward is nice as well. Though, it needs some older members. Most of the active members are Young men and women some of whom are barely older than children. I think that the reason for this is that it is a struggle to teach the older people and they are typically more conservative and have poor English skills. 

Elder Fonua is great. He is a very sincere teacher and his desires are golden! I know that we're going to do a great work together as we serve in our area.

Our area is a very dry and hot place. It honestly looks like Wyoming at times. Weird huh?

So I actually don't work in Queenstown. We do live in Queenstown with all the other elders in a very nice flat complex. We drive to our area every morning and come back in the evening. It is a 30 min drive from town so if you forget something at the flat your're out of luck.

We live in a four man boarding with the Sada elders.There area is also a distance from Queenstown so we both have to make a drive everyday. There is a huge ward in Queenstown that is about to split into two. There is a ward in Sada and also a ward in our area.

Spiritual highlight this last week has easily a lesson that we taught to some recently baptized young men. They will soon be reaching missionary age. We take them fellowshiping a lot but we felt inspired to sit down and teach them a lesson. It was powerful! we talked about the potential that they had and how much good they good do for their lives if they served a mission. We felt the spirit so strong!
So yeah things are going great!

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