Monday, November 2, 2015


Hey,                                                                                              Nov.2,2015
A very busy week here in the Queenstown area. The elders from Mntata drove over for Zone training. So they came on Monday and spent P-day with us. We ate at this middle eastern restaurant and afterwords had a ultimate Frisbee contest.
So funny story. There is always a good number of homeless people in most South African cities. We were sitting down at this restaurant and eating some spicy chicken when two of them ran in and stole the bones off my plate. The owner of the restaurant yelled and chased after them. It was a very funny scene.
We had an ultimate Frisbee game which was good fun. We spent all of Tuesday at zone training and interviews. My interview with president went well. He confirmed that I am going to be training a new elder next transfer. So that is exciting.

The work in Ilinge is going well. We have a sizable teaching pool so we are never bored and there is always someone to see. We have two baptisms scheduled for this next Sunday. One is this fifteen year old boy named Locke and the other is this 19 year old girl named Nonkosi.
Ilinge is a nice area. We don't have do to any finding. People just bring their friends and relatives for us to teach.

We went on exchanges Sat. I went with Elder Hoffman from Utah in a area called Mlungisi. It is the big township in Queenstown. It is a densely packed place. Most of our appts dropped so we did some tracting. Loads of drunk people. It was hysterical.

So last Friday marked a year since I put on the name tag and entered the MTC. So I wanted to celebrate. All the missionaries in Queenstown showed up to our flat and we ordered pizza and I burned one of my white shirts to commemorate one year missionary service. It was a lot of fun.
So lots of exciting things going on. I am so gratfull for the what this last year on mission has taught me and I am excited for the adventures that await me in this my final year.
Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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