Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hello,                                                                                                          12/29/2014

So I just I had my first Christmas in South Africa! So last Monday we went into Cape Town to stay with the other elders. I love driving through Cape Town! It is such a cool city. Of course it has its scary parts. We driving around and one of the elders wanted to go through a township that he had previously served in. It was during the evening so as we drove through, people were heavily liquored up so it was a pretty crazy sight to see! One thing about South Africa is that when ever you are stopped in traffic also keep your windows rolled up. Because people will approach your car and try to sell you stuff and/or ask you for money. So we stayed the night on Tuesday in Cape Town. The next morning we had a Christmas themed zone conference. Missionaries form three different zones were there. It was a really amazing experience! The departing missionaries all bore their testimonies on the how they had changed and how much they loved their mission. President Merrill gave a talk on testing the promises of God. It was a general conference worthy talk!  After that, we where fed and we were invited to do a skit or share Christmas traditions as a district or as a zone.  The Cape Town south zone did a really cool skit that involved a guy dressed as Father Christmas. Some other elders sang and played instruments. People celebrate Christmas down here by braaing (barbecuing) lots of different kinds of meat. Sometimes you have no idea what kind of meat it is. So we spent most of Christmas day eating and visiting with members of the ward. In the evening I got to Skype my family. It is amazing how fast two hours can fly by! I felt like our conversation lasted like 10 minutes. Anyways I hope that everyone back in the Sates had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that you have a happy new year!

Elder Sean Herrick

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