Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hey everyone,                                                                                                         12/15/2014
So nothing super crazy has happened this week down here in Paarl South Africa! I ate some fish and chips last for the first time, it was actually quite good! Buying stuff here is still super awkward because the accent is difficult to understand. Also English isn't widely spoken in this part of the Western Cape. The native language of most of the people here is Afrikaans. Though there is a minority of people who speak Xhosa. (AKA the tongue clicking language) The weather continues to get hotter because summer is just starting. December is a big holiday/party month here so missionary work is difficult. On Saturday night we got back to our flat and I noticed a small cockroach running along the fridge. So Dangerfield and I decided to move the fridge. As we did that, literally tons of cockroaches came scurrying from the behind the fridge! It was so disgusting! So we got some chemical spray and completely sprayed down the kitchen. On Monday as we were driving to Cape Town, we were going through a somewhat rural area I saw my first ostriches walking around through the bush. It was so cool! Apparently to the north of Paarl is this area that where there are a herd of giraffes just hanging out. I really want to go there sometime. Anyways, I am enjoying the work that I am doing here and the experiences that I've had.

Elder Sean Herrick 

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