Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hey,                                                                                              12/22/2014

So It has been an awesome week! Last Monday we decided to go for a drive in the Klein Drakenstien mountains. As we reached the top I pulled the car over and we jumped out and took pictures. The view was amazing we could even see Table Mountain in the distance. As we drove around up there we came across a large pack of baboons! They were crossing the road. So we then followed them in the car. It was so cool to watch them interact with each other. We didn't dare leave the car because some of the males in the pack were huge! We had a really crazy experience last Sunday as we were walking one of our investigators to church. She lives in the most violent part of Paarl. It is a place that the locals call Chicago, because there are murders happening all the time there. It is not a township. It is a massive crumbling apartment complex with small tin shacks where people live all over the place. All the residents fear that place. So as we were walking we noticed a large group of guys start to approach us. They started shouting at us in Afrikaans. They had a dangerous look to them. One of them was carrying a hatchet that he was trying to hide behind his back. For a moment, I thought that we were dead. But, my companion decided to smile and wave at them and so did I. We kept walking and tried to act as calm as ever. When they got close we tried to be friendly and appear harmless. Somehow, It worked. And they left us alone. I know that we were protected from harm. And that the Lord is watching over us.The Christmas season is in full swing down here people are partying left and right. So missionary work has slowed to a halt. Next Monday we are going to Cape Town to hang out and spend the night at the other Elders flat. On Tuesday we have Zone Conference and its Christmas themed so that's cool. Literally everyday I spend in South Africa is an adventure. It is so odd that I am going to spend Christmas so far from home. But, I know these people need us and that by serving them I am going to be tremendously blessed for the rest of my life.


Elder Sean Herrick

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 Service work at a members home.
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Mountains near Paarl South Africa
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Baboons along the road side.
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