Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hey everyone,                                                                                            11/24/2014

So it has been a crazy week! Last Monday we went to Paarl Mountain Reserve. It was awesome! We drove up in the car part of the way then hiked the rest. The whole time we were blasting African folk music it is actually starting to feel like I'm actually in Africa! Before I came out here basically knew nothing about cooking, but, my trainer has helped me and now I can make some really good chicken pasta! We have had rolling blackouts every evening for the past few days so that's cool. Going to townships on weekends is insane because everyone is ether drunk, stoned, or a combination of both. When they see me they shout "Boer" "Boer" because that's what they call Afrikaners (white people) and they think that we are them. So they always speak Afrikaans to us and then we tell them that we are English and American and they are shocked. The weather here is hot. REALLY HOT! It is like an oven. I am constantly told that this is nothing and next month its going to get hotter. Paarl is a tourist city so the center of town is really clean, prosperous, and modern. All you have do is drive like twenty minutes and it is like entering a third world country. The driving here is probably the worst in the world. Nobody obeys traffic laws and the police don't enforce them. I think that I am going to bring some very interesting driving habits home with me. Anyways life is good and I am happy. I know that what I am doing is right and I know that the church is true.


Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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