Monday, January 5, 2015

1/05/ 2015

Happy new year!                                                                                              01/05/2015

So I have just experienced my first New years living overseas. People like to really party for New years down here in South Africa.  We were told by the mission president that we had to be back at our flat by 6:00pm. On New years eve a lot of people were setting off fireworks. So the whole night we kept hearing explosions all around us. We may have "accidentally" found some fireworks ourselves. So of course we had to let them off. On New years day we were invited to go to watch a parade in a town called Wellington. It was definitely an interesting cultural experience. There was a large amount of elaborately dressed people playing instruments and celebrating the new year. Overall, it was a cool time.  South Africa is beautiful this time of the year. Paarl is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and huge grape vineyards so every morning I wake up and get to see the mountains shrouded by mist and take in the whole scene. My language skills are definitely improving. I no longer give people a blank stare when they ask me something like, how your day been going? when I am buying groceries. Now that the festive season is drawing to a close, missionary work is stepping up. On Sunday, I am going to have my first baptism. It is this guy named Robert. He is retired SA army plus retired SA detective. So yeah, he is a cool guy. We have been teaching him for like the last 4 weeks and he has progressed amazingly. I am so excited for him! I am sorry to say that nothing incredibly crazy has happened this last week! I hope that everyone back home is doing well. 2014 has come and gone. I wish everyone the best of luck for 2015!

God bless,

Elder Sean Herrick

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2015 New Year's Day Parade in Wellington South Africa

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New Year's Day 2015 Wellington, South Africa

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Elder Dangerfield with some parade participant's.

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Picture of the mountains and grove of tree's around Paarl, South Africa

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