Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hey everyone,                                                                                                     12/08/2014

So I have had another crazy week here in Paarl South Africa! The weather here is soooo hot! I have heard that it can get up to 45 degrees Celsius here. That is really really warm! So this week was somewhat difficult. On Saturday we had 6 dropped appointments in a row. My companion and I felt sad so we went to a store in a town called Wellington and bought some donuts and chocolate milk. We then drove to this really cool wooded area and ate the donuts and planned better goals for next week. Last Monday we went to Cape Town to have a big football (soccer) match against the missionaries from the other zone. It was really interesting because there are so many missionaries from around the world here. The British were complaining that the Americans play way too rough. So I felt very patriotic. After that, we went to a American style restaurant in Bellville. They had some really good hamburgers there. For dessert I ordered this thing that they call the kitchen sink. It is literally a huge bowl of ice cream mixed with fruit and other good stuff. I shared it with three other guys. I have noticed that I am slowly losing my American accent. I have started calling things by there South African term. I still haven't gotten used to being in township where everyone is gawking at us the whole time because we are white. Teaching people is always fun because it is so different than how you would teach an American. Anyways, I am having a lot of fun serving these people and making their lives better.


Elder Sean Patrick Herrick

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Bad sunburn!!!

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